Posted by /G on
Looks like I'm first to sign the 'GuestBook'

MABA edu tech site / videos, very interesting, keep-up the good work!
Posted by Joes Soerensen on
like it
Posted by hlaingtun on
Interested on Raspberry Pi with ProView .
Posted by Simon on
great work! Maybe you can say some words to the historic of proview and to common structure. This is quiet hard to understand.
Posted by George on
Looks very interesting, keep-up the good work!
Posted by Chris on
Very cool work with Proview and Raspberry Pi. Once I get more familiar with Proview on x86, I want to do this!
Posted by Luis Carlos on
Great work.
Is it possible to use the Velleman K8055 board with the Raspberry Pi?
Thank you.
Posted by admin on
Hi Luis,
It is possible to use the K8055 in combination with the Raspberry Pi.
But you need a decent USB-hub.
You can read about this here:
Posted by rolo on
It is very interesting. But I can not load the LiveCD (Website not available ).
Posted by admin on
Hey Rolo,

I just checked it. But I have no problems with the download.
Running Firefox.....!JoMADS4Z!J_cPRlJPY0nihV6xEQ2ekhG8uod_M2o6ifI6vyc2R_A
Posted by Olivier on
I try to connect to proview web demo on liveCD but when I enter pwrp/pwrp, I have the following message : User not authorized !

What is the problem ? is there other id/password to use ?
Posted by admin on
Hi Oliver,

It's a while ago I have created the LiveCD. It can be the Web Interface is broken.
Posted by jay on
I was reading your post about preview on BBB and about how you were looking for MOSFETs with a threshold less than 1.8v.

Some others have had some good thoughts on this.
Posted by marc on
Hi Jay,
Thanks a lot for the tip.

Posted by vallahangga on
hai there,,

i interesting with proview on raspberry pi. i am a beginner with linux OS. yesterday i tried to make it but i have more problem when the installation done, i had loged as pwrp, input the command "pwr start" but proview can't run. so i tried to open it with double click the icon in desktop but it's was the same result.

may be i missed some steps in installation. please teach me step by step to install proview on raspberry pi. hopefully some can help me or send some easily instruction at my email.
Posted by Marc on
hai there,

Open a terminal and install xterm : "sudo apt-get install xterm" and try to click on the icon again.
If you have more problems, become a forum member on

Good luck,

Posted by Marko on
how to register or see page projects?
Posted by admin on
Hi Marko.

It is not possible to register.
At the moment I am building up a new site, Proview/Linux related.
The Proview part will stay free. The Linux tutorials, closely related to Proview for "Microsoft users", not.
But it will take time.
Posted by Chris on
Hi Marc,

Great videos!

I have been successfully controlled my arduino with proview, thanks to you! Untill i disconnected the usb (not following your warning).

I have a PLC that works with Modbus tcp/rtu and i would appreciate an instructional video of how to communicate with modbus tcp. I have seen Bruno's videos and its very good - but i was not successful. Respect to Bruno, what i appreciate most about your videos is the explanation of common mistakes people or i will make during my setup of modbus tcp.
I can ping my PLC but i cant communicate to it through Proview. I wish i knew how to tell wether i am talking to the wrong register address or if i am not talking to the PLC at all or if there is something else wrong.

Your videos are very insightful!

Allot of appreciation!
Posted by Manfred on
Your videos are realy super.
A very fast way to see how proview works live :)

Thank you very much
Posted by Cliff on
Thank you. Very helpful.
Posted by Smithe100 on
That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Be certain to keep writing.
Posted by turnip on
I'm planning on using Proview with either RasperryPi or Arduino for controlling my greenhouse.
I would like to read pH, CO2, Temp, Humidity sensors and control lights, fans, CO2 and H20 valves etc.

What board/configuration would you recommend?
Posted by turnip on
At your convenience, please send me an email so I can ask some more specific questions regarding my project ( I believe you may have some expertise in this field that I hope you could share with me).
Posted by marc on
Hi Olof,

Dropped you my email...
Posted by Raiko on
It is not possible to download the Live CD. Is there any torrent file or another link?
Posted by admin on
Hi Raiko,

Just checked the link on MEGA.
Seems to be it's gone.
I am not sure if it's worth to dig it up and to find another place to download.

But the (old) official Proview LiveCD is still available at:

Best regards,

Posted by kari on
Hello Marc,
Thank you for your great Proview videos and tutorials. I think you have very good knowledge concerning Proview.
May i ask from you directly via email some questions where i think you know it right away?

Best regards, Kari
Posted by admin on
Hi Kari,

Dropped you a mail.
Maybe I can help.
But you can ask for help on the official Proview forum as well.
Claes is the one who knows all ins and outs of Proview....
Posted by Snarf on
Hi Mark,
just visited you web site.
Lots of change since my initial visit.
Globally very instructive and I can imagine the time you spent based on the number of boards you tried...
I wanted to give a try with some of them but always the same : lack of time ...
PS: stop playing with your dog's balls !!
Posted by JavKin on
Hi I am Javkin and find this website in proview forum
Posted by Pedro on
Congratulations, simple and neat! I'm involving in pilot scale flotation process. It looks like feasible implementation when you need to deal with very small scale of flow. For that scenarios (bigger than lab equipment, smaller than small plant). simply you are on your own. No equipment in the market. This kind of implementation opens new fields. By strictly speaking.
Posted by Sony on
I started learning proview and found this site that can help me better.
Thank you for sharing
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