OpenPOWERLINK and Proview


OpenPOWERLINK: Ethernet POWERLINK Protocol Stack

Bringing together Ethernet, CANopen, and a newly developed stack for real-time data communication, OpenPOWERLINK integrates features and abilities from three different worlds. OpenPOWERLINK is open source and licensed under the BSD.

In 2013 implemented two students, Sixten Isaksson and Jack Engstrom (Student thesis) OpenPOWERLINK in Proview (Proview_5.0.0-1).  OpenPOWERLINK is growing fast world-wide. 

At the moment I am testing Powerlink on the UDOO board as CN and the MN running on a laptop. Powerlink is running, in first case, in user space.

Incredible interesting network based technology. Especially the BSD license is no reason for companies to ignore this technology.


Proview CN/MN