Proview on the Udoo Quad

Thinking about making a new educational kit, surfed the web and found the UDOO.

Nice board, cheap and the specs. looks good. Tried different kind of distros and chose UDOObuntu 12.04 (beta) LTS armHF. Arduino IDE was installed. Tried to upload the standard pin 13 blink sketch and saw something strange. An error while uploading.....

No problem. Setting the right permissions and tested the standard blink sketch with on pin 13 a LED. Switched to Oracles JDK, build Proview, uploaded the Proview-Arduino sketch, and started Proview with all the standard classes. Not really impressed of the speed, but ok, my 8GB was 90% filled up. Created a small Proview project and Proview couldn't initialize /dev/ttymxc3. I started to read about the communication between the 2 CPU's and thought I was in big troubles. Tried to sent messages with a tool to the sketch and got no response.

The problem was in the stty settings.

Proview..... , the beast is running!

Closed my eyes, dragged a couple of blocks in the PLC and......



PLC eats 2% of the CPU

Baudrate 115200

PLC scan time 100 ms

Update: 1 week running

Stopped the test and ordered a shield for the UDOO.