Proview on the Raspberry Pi 2



Testing with Debian/Jessie, rpi kernel and sysvinit.


Testing with Archlinux and systemd


Debian Jessie and a Mega2560.

No fancy plc, only signal handling in a double buffered graph. 2 LDR's as Analog input test, a button and two LED's (one for PWM)


Runtime resources:

rt_xtt_gtk 7% CPU

My first impression of the rpi2, Debian/Jessie  in general as PC/Laptop replacement (Proview Development Station).


Arch Linux

Same project


Runtime resources:

rt_xtt_gtk 2% CPU

Arch Linux on the rpi2 is for me, personally,  powerful enough to work with a Proview Development station. Especially the time for opening the project root volume comparing to Debian is mystical.

For the same project (runtime) Arch Linux eats around 2% of the CPU, comparing the Debian around 7%

Arch Linux needs 12 sec. to open the root volume against almost 2 minutes for Debian. This can be "suspicious" or amazing blazing fast. Let me know on the guestbook if you are interested and want to know more.

Will be back......

Same test/project with the Odroid U3+



Testing a  Raspberry Pi 2 as process station in combination with a Modbus Ethernet Slave.